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   Why is the municipality doing this?    

The Greek Animal Welfare Law* mandates electronic microchipping and registering in the national and municipal registries for all dogs.  Owners who have not microchipped and registered their dogs are to be fined 300 €.  To help its citizens comply with the law, the Municipality of Aegina is offering an incentive to all dog owners in order for them to mirchochip and register their dogs in the municipality registry.

 *Law. 4039/2012 and 4235/2014

  How can I participate in the lottery?  

  • Go to a vet on the island and ask him or her to microchip your dog.​

  1. Ioannis Bassadavanos & Despina Papachroni, Aegina Veterinary Center, Ag. Dionysiou 12, 22970 24942

  2. Maria Karapanou, Thermopylon 8, 22970 22307

  3. Nektarios Kappos, Parodos Faneromeni, 22970 27560


  • After placing the microchip and registering the dog in the National Registry, the veterinarian will issue 2 microchip certificates: one for you to keep, and one for you to give to the municipality.

  • Submit the microchip certificate to the municipality. You will afterwards receive your dog's public registry number (ADMS).

  • Every two weeks for 12 months (starting from Tuesday 20/2/2018), the registry numbers will be put into a draw and a lucky winner will win € 200.*


* the lottery is funded by Zero Stray Pawject

   Terms and conditions  

1. Conditions for participation in the Municipality Dog Registry Lottery? 

Those who have micro chipped and registered their dogs according to Law 4039/2012 and 4235/2014 have the right to participate in the Municipality Dog Registry of Aegina.

2. Registration in the Municipality Dog Registry ​

  1. Dogs belonging to citizens of Aegina or permanent residents must enroll in the Municipal Dog Register of the Municipality of Aegina. Permanent residents are those who have a water account with the Municipality of Aegina with a mailing address in Aegina.

  2. Dog owners are considered to be those whose names appear on the Microchip Certificate issued by the Ministry of Rural Development.

3. Supporting documents required to submit to the municipality

The following documents must be submitted to the Municipality of Aegina:

  • Microchip certificate. After your vet has microchipped your dog, he or she will give you two microchip certificates. These certificates are issued by the Ministry of Rural Development. Your vet will simply print the certificates for you after your dog has been registered in the Ministry's national registry. If you have lost the certificate, any vet can reprint it. Older hand-written certificates or certificates from foreign authorities will not be accepted by the municipality. If you have such an old hand-written certificate, visit your vet and ask him or her to register your dog in the national electronic database and issue the necessary certificate. One certificate is for your records and the other will need to be delivered to the Municipality.

  • Form of the Municipality of Aegina with additional information required to enter the lottery. This form is available at your local vet in Aegina. The form needs to be completed by you and your vet. If your vet does not issue this additional form to you, you can find the form at the municipality and fill it in when you submit the rest of your documents.

  • The owner needs to show a valid ID (or passport) which corresponds to the name and address of the micro chip certificate.

4. Your unique number of the municipal registry of dogs (ADMS)

  1. The numbers are unique for each dog, they start with 0001, and are issued by the Municipality of Aegina.

  2. The ADMS will serve as your lottery number for the winning draw lottery.

5. How does the process of drawing the winning number work


  1. The winning number will be the one that corresponds to the last digits of the winning draw of the National lottery of the same date.

  2. The minimum number of digits will be used based on the number of ADMS. If the registry of the Municipality of Aegina has 85 dogs (ADMS from 001 to 085), the winner will be the one that corresponds to the last two digits of the winning number of the National Lottery.  If the registry has 212 dogs, then the winning ADMS will correspond to the last three digits of the winning lottery of the National Lottery.

  3. If there is no ADMS which corresponds to the last digits of the winning lottery of the National Lottery, all the lottery numbers listed in the complete winning table in the draw list of the National lottery of the same date will be used in turn. If the last digits of the first winning number in this table do not correspond to any ADMS, then we will use the next winning, and so on, will be used. In the rare case that (despite exhausting all winning numbers in the complete winning table) there is no winning ADMS, the prize will be added to the next lottery (i.e., jackpot). This could happen if for example there are 107 dogs in the Registry with numbers 001 to 107.  In this case we would use the last 3 digits.  If there is no winning number in the complete winning table that ends in -100, -101, -102, -103, -104, -105, -106, or -107, we will have a jackpot.

6. Jackpot

In the event that there is no ADMS that corresponds to any of the winning numbers in the complete winning table, we will have a jackpot and the prize money will be added to the prize of the next draw.

7. Draw dates

a. The 26 draw dates (as per dates for the National Lottery) will be::

picture of winners for microsite updated

b. In the event that there is no winning ADMS in the 26th (last) draw, the draws will continue every week afterwards until the winner is selected. 


8. Price

  1. The prize for each draw will the amount of 200 €. In case of a jackpot, the next winner can win 400 €, 600 €, and so on.

  2. In case of a jackpot, the prize of the non-winning draw will be added to the prize of the next draw.

9. Prize award

  1. In order to collect your award, the owner and dog has to be present at the Town Hall of Aegina

  2. Prior to receiving the award, the owner (with their ID or passport) and the dog will be certified (by reading the microchip).

  3. If the award is not collected within 120 days after the draw, then the winning ADMS is voided and the winner forfeits their award.

10. Notification

  1. The municipality will attempt to notify the winner of the winning ADMS, but the inability to communicate does not invalidate clause 9.3.

  2. The winning ADMS numbers will be posted on this site and the Town Hall.

11.Exemption from the Lottery

Registration of dogs in the Aegina municipal dog registry is mandatory. However, those who, despite having registered in the Municipal Registry, do not wish to participate in the lottery, may choose to exclude themselves from the lottery by checking the appropriate box in the supplemental form at the Municipality


Public Health Office of the Municipality 2297 320054

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